Ronda Power Bank (South Africa)
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3 Mountains Ronda sponsored cycling event at Clocolan

The 3 Mountains Challenge is a multi-stage MTB Cycling & Trail Running event, that was be presented to the cycling & running community by Afri-Cycle Tours in conjunction with the Clocolan cycling community. This exciting event took place from 18 to 21 March 2016 in and around the beautiful town of Clocolan in the Free State.


Ronda (South Africa) was on standby over the course of the event to provide power banks to event organisers and cyclists to power electronic devices in the most remote areas of the race. 

Almost 400 people participated across all events, that's a lot of electronics! There was no electricity in the some of there camp areas (nor a mobile signal) but there were tired cyclists chilling and playing games on their smartphones. 

Ronda was one of the sponsors of the event and gave various power banks as prizes and giveaways for participants. 

Thanks to the organisers of the event. We were really happy to have been able to sponsor the event and we appreciate being included in the 3 mountains event. 

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