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Life took Ronda SA to the launch of the new Volkswagen Tiguan

Barons Culemborg RondaSA Tiguan Volkswagen

Ronda SA joined hands with Volkswagen as they launched the new Volkswagen Tiguan at Barons Culemborg, Cape Town this weekend.  The Tiguan's refined and upscale interior lends it a distinctly European flavour that you won't find elsewhere.

As one of the leading car manufacturers in South Africa, we feel honoured to be a part of this exciting launch of a very powerful classy SUV.  Our handy Ronda Power Bank devices recharge most phones, tablets, music players, portable game consoles, GPS devices, smart watches and digital camera brands. This little gadget looks like it was made for the Volkswagen Tiguan – sleek, smart and practical. Just like Volkswagen, the Ronda power banks have been manufactured to superior quality standards and are available in a range of eye-catching colours. 

Ronda SA also got to taste Mischu Coffee's Isabella Blend - a medium roasted coffee that warmed us up on a chilly Cape Town day. 


A special thank you Barons Culemborg and their New Vehicle Sales Manager, Peter Fuller-Gee, for making it happen.

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