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Powerbank Kings: Brand new Ronda Power Banks arrive fresh from China

Marketing Power Bank Ronda SMG

Jon Snow might have been declared the King of the North. But we think the real King of the North is right here in Durbanville, a little suburb in northern Cape Town.

Power Bank Kings of the North

Reza Marvasti, CEO of F1 IT Solutions, has secured a distribution deal with Ronda Battery, a giant Chinese battery manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. Ronda-Battery manufacture a wide range of battery products, from consumer power banks to large industrial solar power solutions.

Currently, F1 IT only imports consumer products but we certainly can import batteries for many other purposes. For example, during the load shedding crisis in 2015, there was a huge shortage of lead acid deep cycle batteries in South Africa. F1 IT were about to ship a container of Ronda LiFE (Lithium Ion deep cycle batteries). We held off on that shipment to rather bring in more consumer products instead. The logic being that there were more mobile phones, cameras and many other consumer electronic devices left without power through the Eskom crisis. But the next time Eskom needs a tariff increase there is no doubt we’ll go through that load shedding pain again. This time, Ronda Power will be ready to power entire homes!

For now though, we have more than enough consumer product power packs.

And here they are, a container load of fresh mobile power!

Power Bank Sales Strategy

Our primary market to date has been sales into the automobile industry. Ronda power banks have been supplied as a promotional item to some of the top brands in South Africa. In the image above you can see the product and full packaging for one of our clients.

SMG is the leading distributor of top auto brands such as BMW, Mini, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Promoting your brand on a Ronda Power Bank is a very cost effective marketing strategy. Read more about why Promotional Products MUST be a part of your marketing strategy.




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