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Promoting Your Brand On A Power Bank

Christmas corporate gift

Research from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in the USA shows that 62% of people remember the name and details of a company that gave them a promotional product.


 A good promotional item should become an ongoing reminder of your brand, the more it is used by the recipient the more your brand is top of mind. A particularly useful item could become an indispensable part of the recipients kit. An example of such an item is a power bank.


A power bank, would be kept in a ladies bag, or in a laptop bag of a gentleman or a lady. It would be used regularly and your brand would be visible to the person using the device and to those around him or her. It would be difficult to find an item with such immense usefulness as a power bank. These days, being without a mobile phone due to a flat battery is incredibly frustrating. Your promotional power bank would be associated with “saving the day” for the recipient, or for a person the recipient loans his power bank to.  A power bank is a promotional item that would be used daily or even  multiple times in a day. These days, such powerful brand visibility is really hard to buy.  

A marketing strategy such as branding power banks, benefits your brand with customer loyalty and even improved customer relations. You could use the branding opportunity together with a clever marketing campaign to gain immediate appreciation and gratitude that will forge a positive link with your audience. An example of such a campaign is a South African distributor of premium vehicle brands, SMG. SMG offers a free SMG branded power bank to all its customers who a buy  a new or used BMW, Land Rover or Jaguar. The Power Bank is offered in the same colour (or as close as possible) to the vehicle that is purchased. This forges an immediate connection between the customer and the brand; one that goes beyond the impressive vehicle that has been purchased. The SMG branded power bank is with the customer all the time.   

Porsche Power Bank Promotion

Promotional branding on cost effective consumer electronic devices such as a power bank is so much more powerful than using many other traditional forms of marketing, such as a fancy business card. Ask yourself, how long would a prospective customer hold on to your business card? However, if that same customer is considered a hot prospect, what better way to present a gift of a quality power bank that will be used daily. It would be a constant reminder of that pending deal.

SMG has received many positive accolades about their branded power bank campaign. Although it is too early for any actual research, so far, it has been suggested that the increase in referral business is largely attributed to their branding campaign. The brand is ever-present.

This raises an additional benefit to advertising on a power bank: visibility. These devices are normally out in the open; charging a device or being charged. It could be at home, or at the office. Either way, your brand has immediately secured the most powerful and prominent advertising space in the world. Right on an office desk. Imagine what a powerful message this sends if your corporate gift of branded power bank lands up on the desk of hundreds of employees!

Velocity Cars

A final benefit of advertising on a consumer device such as power bank, is adding a custom message for your customer base. Your message can be easily communicated and that message becomes even more powerful when the device is perceived as a “cool” item to have. Power banks certainly are cool items, especially when there is no sight of an electric socket!

If you are considering branding on a device like a power bank you have many options to choose from. But you should proceed with caution. You don’t want the exact opposite to happen by giving your customer a promotional item that is inferior in quality and design. There cannot be anything worse than this! You need to ensure your brand is placed on a device that is not too expensive but yet offers the highest quality standards. Our Ronda power bank offers exactly this. Ronda power banks are high-quality devices, and as a promotional item, they are extremely cost effective.  

SMG Exterior Power Bank Packaging

Ronda Power Banks are manufactured in a state of the art factory in Guanzhong, China. Ronda is the supplier of battery technology to many well-known household brands, such as Philips, Samsung, Bosch and more.

All Ronda battery products are manufactured with a protective anti-explosive cap to prevent the device from exploding if the battery becomes overheated.  In addition to this safety mechanism, there is also the high-quality metallic aluminium case. Together these features offer protection that a plastic device could never offer. In our opinion, our metal product is always going to give a greater impression of quality over a plastic product.

Ronda’s advanced electronic design also ensures your mobile device is not overcharged. It uses Lithium-Ion battery technology (exactly the same as Lithium polymer) allowing for a battery standby time of hundreds of hours depending on the charger capacity.

Our larger Ronda Power Banks feature both a 1A and 2A charger output for a super fast mobile device charge rate. You can rest assured that Ronda devices don’t offer only a few a charge cycles and then they have to be thrown away, you can expect at least 1000 charge cycles. It goes without saying that Ronda power banks are offered with a no quibble 12-month money back guarantee.  

SMG Power Bank Promotion

If you’re considering a useful promotional item to present to your top 100 key customers or prospects, look no further than a Ronda power bank. You’ll be surprised with just how cost effective this promotional branding strategy will be.  

Knysna Municipality Power Bank Promotion

If you decide to explore this exciting marketing option, your brand logo could be professionally laser engraved on a variety of Ronda Power Banks

Contact us if you would like pricing on our branding options. We offer branded power banks in units of 10 or more, the higher amount of units you require, the better price we can offer.


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