Ronda Power Bank (South Africa)
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Shedding light on the visual components

A Ronda power bank has many unique qualities, but let's highlight two main features that add value to this gadget. 

The flashlight is an added benefit that makes this gadget well worth having. Should you need light when you are stuck in a dark situation, you can always count on your power bank. Whether you are camping for the weekend or changing your tyre, you'll never be stranded without a torch again. 

Ronda SA offers unique laser engraving which adds that personal touch to any customer appreciation gift. Your brand name will last for eternity. This engraving process removes a thin layer of the anodised aluminium casing. Your brand name and logo will never rub off making this a promotional gift that leaves a lasting impression. 

Watch how Ronda SA do their laser engraving: 



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