Ronda Power Bank (South Africa)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I charge my phone with my Ronda power bank?

If your phone battery is 2000 mAh a power bank with 10000 mAh can fully charge your phone about 4 times. This does depend on the discharge rate of the phone while it is being charged. for example, if you are watching a YouTube video at the same time as charging your phone with a power bank, you are discharging at high rate. 

The discharge rate of a power bank is much lower than that of a cell phone because there is nothing using power from a power bank when it is not charging your phone. A phone on the other hand, is constantly connected to cellular network, looking for reception, WiFi, etc and consumes battery life.  

To understand more about the cellphone battery capacity of your particular brand of phone, please refer to this guide at GSMArena

Is it true that expensive branded power banks won’t explode while cheaper unbranded products will?

Every battery product carries the risk of exploding. This can even be seen from exploding Samsung / Apple products.

However, it is significantly safer to use branded power bank than generic power banks with unknown history. It is highly unlikely for branded power banks like Ronda to encounter any explosions due to the extensive investment made in researching and developing product safety as a priority. 

Unbranded chargers do not do any harm to the battery. If you charge your phone’s battery with one of those less expensive battery charger you bought at Game or Makro, it might take you longer to charge your phone but will not have a significant effect on the life span of your battery. 

What consumers should be wary of is being mislead. Always take note of power bank capacity. Many unbranded products claim to have a certain capacity (10000 mAh for example) when in fact this is merely a label capacity. The real capacity is much lower, in the range of 6000 mAh. 

Always chooses branded or unbranded power banks that declared the real capacity.

What are the important safety features people should look for in a power bank?

As lower grade power banks with no quality certifications are flooding the market nowadays, it is a wise choice to go for only high quality power banks to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Ensure the product has been tested and certified for protection against over-heating, over voltage and overcharging.

What is the difference between Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer power banks?

In the current battery market, Li-ion is the same as Li-Polymer (or is also called Li-Poly or Li-Po or pouch cells); only the packaging material and shapes are different.  In smartphones, flat pouch Li-ion cells are used, because it can be made the thinnest.

Is it true that charging a mobile phone over night could damage the battery?

This is a myth. In fairness, there was some truth to this but it applied to much older battery technology. But it definitely does not apply to modern battery technologies. To read more about other mobile phone battery myths, please read this article