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Wiso Safsmart Whistle

R 450.00 R 499.00

Blow or press WISO for 2 seconds, it can promptly activate your help call and SOS texts and emails. Immediate help from friends and family can be provided in your moment of need, thanks to the Bluetooth technology.


  • 24hrs safeguarding – For ladies, students, home-alone elderlies and run trainers
  • It is an all-weather safety buddy
  • Emergency Location tracking – Simple discreet location info on a map will be included in the SMS and email to your pre-stored contacts, so that faster help can be sent when you need it most
  • SOS call – Command an emergency call to your pre-set contact
  • iOS and Android users
  • Emergency SMS – Send SMS to 3 contacts
  • Emergency Email – Send emails to 3 contacts
  • Alarm sound – Gets your phone to play a loud siren sound
  • Whistle sound – Blow WISO to help attract others near the scene
  • Stealth activation – Press WISO button to enter stealth mode activation

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