Keep Charged, Power Bank

When the power goes out, these USB battery chargers can quickly get depleted. Stay charged and juice up your cellphone, tablet or any other USB mobile devices with a Ronda Power Bank.

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Maximum Power Bank Capacity

Ronda USB chargers are 100% real capacity. Choose your Ronda Power Bank depend on your device battery capacity and whether you are on business trip, traveling, in the outdoors camping or in the event of a loadshedding!

Quality Power Bank Guaranteed

Ronda Power Banks are carefully designed, engineered and subject to high quality control in a slim aluminium body. Ronda portable USB batteries always comes with One year warranty.

Ronda Power Bank South Africa, What Our Customers are Saying

“Ronda Power Bank has the market cornered for style, form and function in their outstanding power bank line. Great product that can charge just about everything under the sun, and it is classy looking too. No hesitation pulling this out in a business meeting to keep my tablet running during a long planning session. Absolutely recommended.”

Steven Botha

“It looks awesome and the service is also so good. I think its the best portable mobile charger in the market in this price point. And it looks like almost a phone. So when I am traveling I can put it back of my device and enjoy my gaming. Simply the best …..”

Bhavesh Naidoo

“I was looking for an external battery pack for 2 power hungry devices and this seemed to fit the bill.

Holds charge for weeks and I have thoroughly tested this product. I deliberately short-circuited this product, not once but FOUR times and it still works. This product can take anything thrown at it and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an external battery pack.”

Paul Marais

“I received the power bank on time and everything came as described and appears unopened and new. The power bank itself feels durable and is quite heavy for it’s size. I don’t know yet how well it performs or how many charges it will provide for my S4 because I have not had it long enough to find out. However I do know that it accepts a charge and my phone does charge off if it without issue. I am very impressed with the unit’s build quality and overall feel. One thing to note is that it does not come with a home wall charger or a car charger, just a USB cable that can be used to charge it. Your phone charger will likely do the trick. On a side note – I have seen other reviewers on here stating how many phone charges they got before they charged the unit for the first time – the instructions that come with the unit clearly state to fully charge the unit before using it for the first time. Not doing so can reduce the performance of the battery. Overall a good experience and a good product, I would buy again.”

Nadia P

Cape Town