Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I charge my phone with my power bank?

If your phone battery is 1500mAh and have 0% battery remaining, a power bank with 2200mAh can fully charge your phone once.If your phone battery is 3000mAh and have 0% battery remaining, a 2200mAh power bank with can only charge your battery partially as battery capacity is higher than the power bank’s capacity.

Use the search box below to search for your phone, then click the link top view your phone specifications. Scroll down to the section about batteries to view the mAh rating for your phone.

What is mAh?

mAh is short for milli Amp/hours. It’s a measurement of the amount of energy the battery can store.

What’s the difference between branded power bank and generic power bank?

Besides safety, branded power banks are also normally labeled in their real capacity while generic power bank are typically not labeled in their actual usage capacity.

For example, Ronda 10000mAh power bank may easily outperform a 20000mAh generic power bank.

What does conversion rate mean?

Conversion rate is the percentage of power remaining after factoring energy loss due to heat conversion.
Ronda Power Banks have very high conversion rates of greater than 65%.

Is it true that branded power bank won’t explode?

Every battery product carries the risk of exploding. This can even be seen from exploding Samsung/Apple products.

However, it is significantly safer to use branded power bank than generic power banks with unknown history.
It is highly unlikely for branded power banks like Ronda to encounter any explosions.

What are the important safety features should we look for in a power bank?

Majority of users will recharge their power banks at night while they are asleep, hence safety is a major concern as the power banks may be overcharged. Using a smart protection system, Ronda Power Banks are protected against overcharging and short circuits, boasting great stability and safety.

As lower grade power banks with no quality certifications are flooding the market nowadays, it is a wise choice to go for only high quality power banks to ensure that safety is not compromised.

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